Shift-equipped teams dominate 2015 Etchells Worlds!


The Etchells Worlds continues to be one of the most hotly contested regattas in the world, pitting America’s Cup sailors, Olympic Medalists and Volvo Ocean Race veterans against each other. This year, in Hong Kong, two American teams, Aretas and Scimitar, dominated the event. Aretas and Scimitar finished two points apart and were both Velocitek Shift-equipped! The top two boats left a 21 point gap between 2nd and 3rd.

Skip Dieball, helmsman on World Champion Aretas, explains how and why he used the Shift at Worlds:

Q – Why did you choose the Shift?
We demo’d the Shift at Etchells Long Island Sound Championships and compared it to our existing compass. The ease of use and clarity of the readout made it a no-brainer. Compasses are incredibly valuable. The Shift is the best we’ve sailed with.

Q – Did you use the shift tracking feature?
Yes, we did use the shift tracking. We sailed upwind pre-race and got a feel for the range in the wind shifts. Then we picked a number that we felt was a good average. Going into the top mark it was really easy to know whether the breeze was right or left and whether to do a bear-away set or gybe set.

Q – Did you use the start timer?
Everyday. Having timer AND compass on display when in start mode is one thing I really like. No more paging through the modes to do last minute wind and line checks!

Q – How do you like the new anti-reflective / anti-glare lens?
We demo’d the original and then raced with the new AR/AG lens. Very nice!


Photo: Guy Nowell Photography

Q – Tell us about the Aretas team and the role that each played on your team.
Jon McClean and I have sailed against one another in the Highlander and we started sailing the Etchells in Fall of 2012. Jon precisely mapped out a “5 year plan” starting with NAs in Detroit. From there, we have made a point to sail as many big events as our schedules allow.

When we started sailing Etchells, we discussed 3 or 4, and what it came down to was the size of the perfect team for us. Jon and I are ex-Finn sailors, so it was pretty easy to go 3-up. Our team has always sailed 3-up. I’m not sure what it would be like with another person, other than really crowded in the boat! Jeff Eiber is our our third. Jeff is a multi-world champ and likely has double the titles I do! As a team, we form a pre-race strategy and then execute.

On day 3 we sailed our drop race, it was a tough one for us, not only on the scorecard but also with regard to our overall decision making and strategy. We found ourselves in positions where others were making decisions for us. That night (and after the last weigh-in) we regrouped over a nice meal and re-evaluated our approach the rest of the races making sure we had fun, used some patience and didn’t put ourselves in positions where we couldn’t make our own decisions (i.e. getting pinned upwind/downwind). As a team we continually evaluate all facets of the program, including compasses. The fact that we recently switched to the Shift and have had great success is no coincidence.

Q – What type of sailor do you think would benefit the most from using the Shift?
All sailors. More experienced sailors will find it to be a useful tool. Newer sailors will learn the game and windshifts faster if they have a tool like this.


Stay in phase:

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This is how it’s done:

Here’s a great five part Moth Tutorial brought to you by the Outteridge brothers, Beau and Nathan. Beau is a world-class photographer and videographer, and Nathan needs no introduction.

by Beau Outteridge

“The International Moth Class isn’t exactly a new sailing class, yet the learning curve would have to be one of the steepest out there. Moths have been on foils for almost 10 years, yet besides talking to fellow moth sailors, there isn’t a lot of information out there to help you master the skills and techniques needed to fly.

Even now, you can’t exactly enroll your kids into a school to learn how to foil. So, the progression of the class has relied on sailors informally sharing their knowledge either in the boat park or online. Until now…

Before the 2014 International Moth World Championship, I was speaking with a few guys from the UK Moth Association about covering the event and how we could get the most info out there to encourage new and future moth sailors. The idea came up to produce an educational series featuring one of the top moth sailors demonstrating and explaining how to sail these little flying machines. I was in the fortunate position that my brother, Nathan Outteridge, was happy to help present these videos.

Nathan’s relationship with Ronstan and his moth sailing experience made for a great fit and he became the obvious choice for the job. During the 2014 Moth World Championship, Nathan and I captured what we needed to put these videos together, keeping in mind the voice-overs could be done later. Over many long hours in the studio and editing suite (mostly airports and hotel rooms), we put together this video series. Nathan made sure that we covered the key elements he struggled with back in 2008 when he first began sailing the foiling moth.

With the 2015 Moth Worlds on the horizon on January 6-16, we hope this educational series will help moth sailors out there, from beginners to rock stars, continue their development in this unique class.”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

A Velocitek ProStart has been an important fixture on Nathan’s Mach2 Moth since we released the device in 2011!

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Ned’s Record Run

Charleston’s Ned Goss has been playing around with high performance boats for a very long time, spending the past decade working as a pro Melges racer, running Ocean Sailing Academy, and now coaching the College of Charleston offshore sailing team. He’s done major time in the Fireball, the 49er, and now a new Mach 2 Moth. Ned is also a past Velocitek Speed Challenge Winner when he served as trimmer and boatspeed guru on Team Ardor / CREAM at 2011 Melges 24 Worlds in Corpus Christi, TX. We’re extremely excited to announce that Ned is now the fastest dinghy sailor in the world!

36.6 knots

He hit 36.6 knots according to Goss’s Velocitek ProStart! With files verified by both Bora Gulari and Velocitek, a very typical 18-25 knots of Charleston sea breeze allowed Ned to hit a peak speed of 36.6 knots, with a ten-second average of 35.9 knots. “I really didn’t believe it until I sent my entire ProStart back to Velocitek so they could verify everything, but now I think 40 knots is very much possible on Charleston harbor,” Ned told us. “This is pretty much a bone-stock Mach 2 with no work at all done either on hydrodynamic or aerodynamic fairing, which is clearly a big issue at over 40 mph,” he said. “That info, combined with the fact that I had adverse current on my record run, makes me think that 40 knots is just around the corner.”

Here are the GPS Action Replay stat’s from Ned’s Record Run:

Ned Goss 05102014

Ned took a moment to check in with us and talk about his setup:

    Wind speed: 18-22 gusts to 25
    Wind Direction: SSE
    Sea state: Dead flat at start of run
    Weight: 202 lbs.
    Height: 6′
    Boat: Mach 2
    Mast: Mach2 / McConaghy stiff single hound for 3 shrouds
    Boom: CST
    Sail: North H-13 (new 2014 North Americans)
    Upright: Standard Mach 2 vertical, painted but not that fair
    Horizontal: Small version, with no filler or fairing on flap
    Rudder: Medium standard
    Tramps: Low drag with air bladders inflated (for newbies and borrowers)
    Cunningham: 6 to 1
    Vang: 36 to 1
    Instruments: Velocitek ProStart
    Camera: GoPro on tiller (Not turned on… My bad…)
    Hiking straps, booties, farmer john, PFD, rashguard: Zhik
    Prod/spreader: set 90 degree to mast for power
    Vang/Cunno: Boom slightly less than 1.5 Shakas from backstay (cheese wire)
    Rig tension: Pull forestay on to hand tight. When sailing the leeward shroud goes loose quite a bit!
    Time in Class: 2 years
    Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee with French Vanilla creamer and 2 English muffins with butter and Smuckers strawberry jelly. Although that day I might have had Honey Nut Cheerios.

“I’d never have the time or support to sail a Moth if it weren’t for a few people: Greg Fisher and the College of Charleston for letting me sail when the wind gets up, for Zhik for tons of great gear that keeps me smooth in the air even when I am not. For Danny and Jackson Davenport for replacing all my destroyed sunglasses, to Alec and Charles at Velocitek for the stuff that records the speed and tells me where and when to tack, and of course to the entire US Moth Class for all their help and coaching at numerous events around the country.”

Here’s Ned’s GPS track overlayed on Google Maps:

Ned Goss Strava GPX

And we’ve mined the raw GPS data to show you when things started to get interesting:

Ned Goss VCC Text

Congratulations Ned!

Reprinted with additions with permission of Sailing Anarchy

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ProStart Waterproofing Upgrade Kit

We have released a new Waterproofing Upgrade Kit for the Velocitek ProStart. The PVC strips in the kit help the mounting cradle push on the back of the battery compartment lid. This gives the battery compartment a tighter seal.

YouTube Preview Image

Through May 31, we are offering this upgrade to ProStart owners for free with free shipping. Please visit our online store to get your ProStart Waterproofing Upgrade Kit:

When you checkout, use the coupon code free on the Review and Submit screen to discount the price of the kit to zero and receive free shipping (via USPS First Class Mail).

The Waterproofing Upgrade Kit consists of 1 x alcohol wipe, 2 x 3M sticky back PVC strips, and 1 x new style silicone gasket. The installation is a simple, three step procedure:

Step 1. Clean the battery compartment lid with the alcohol wipe and let it dry.
Step 2. Stick the PVC strips to the outside of the battery compartment lid – horizontally centered, and positioned vertically near the top and bottom edges of the lid.
Step 3. Replace the battery compartment gasket with the new one in this kit.

Since the PVC strips in the kit help the mounting cradle push on the back of the battery compartment lid, it is very important to use the mounting cradle with the ProStart to get the benefits of this upgrade kit.

All Velocitek ProStarts that ship from now on will be equipped with the contents of this kit. We hope this improvement helps you get even more out of your ProStart.


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Fast shipping for faster sailing.


Charleston Race Week 2014 is a week away and there are over 280 boats entered! With the release of our new tactical weapon, the Shift, Velocitek now offers a device legal for every class competing at CRW. To help boost your performance in Charleston, we’re offering free UPS 2nd Day Air shipping at through April 13.

And if you need any more incentive to place your order now, here’s a Velocitek win list for the One Design classes that will be in Charleston:

J/80 – 2013 World Champion – New Territories, Hugo Roca – ProStart
J/24 – 2013 World Champion – Helly Hansen, Tim Healy – Shift
J/24 – 2013 North American Champion – Helly Hansen, John Mollicone – Shift
J/24 – 2014 Midwinter Champion – Helly Hansen, John Mollicone – Shift
J/22 – 2013 World Champion – Dazzler, Allan Terhune -SpeedPuck
J/70 – 2013 North American Champion – Muse, Heather Gregg-Earl – ProStart
J/70 – 2014 Midwinter Champion – Helly Hansen, Tim Healy – Shift
J/70 – 2014 Key West Race Week Boat of the Week – Helly Hansen, Tim Healy – Shift
Melges 24 – 2014 World Champion – Blu Moon, Flavio Favini – ProStart and Shift
Melges 24 – 2014 Worlds 3rd Place – West Marine Rigging / New England Ropes, Bora Gulari – ProStart and Shift
Melges 24 – 2013 Worlds 2nd Place – Blu Moon, Flavio Favini – ProStart and Shift
Melges 24 – 2013 Pre-Worlds and Rolex Big Boat Series 2nd Place – Blu Moon, Flavio Favini – ProStart and Shift
Melges 20 – 2014 Bacardi Sailing Week – Ninkasi, John Taylor – ProStart and Shift
Viper 640 – 2013 North American Champion – ARGO, Jason Carroll – ProStart

Why do all of these One Design Champions use Velocitek?

Learn for yourself – get the Velocitek edge and sail faster.


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Back at it…

While Velocitek Shift equipped teams continue winning One-Design events across the globe* its great to see the ProStart equipped AC45 cats of Oracle Team USA and Team Australia out on Sydney Harbor practicing before the next America’s Cup World Series. We can all agree that Sydney Harbor makes an amazing backdrop for these boats.

Everything about the fleet racing in AC45s seems awesome to us and we’re hoping for another successful America’s Cup World Series. But while we wait, these videos of the boats on Sydney Harbor will just have to tie us over.

Here’s a video from the Challenger’s perspective:

YouTube Preview Image
And here’s one from the Defender:

YouTube Preview Image


Meanwhile, here in the Northern Hemisphere, Spring has sprung and we’re grateful for it. Happy first day of Spring! In case you haven’t been thinking enough about sailing over this long, cold winter now is a good time to pick up the new Shift, ProStart and SpeedPuck. That first regatta will be here before you know it!

Sail faster!


*Team Ninkasi - 1st Place Miami Sailing Week Melges 20 Class 2014
Blu Moon – Melges 24 World Champions 2014 and Runner Up 2013
New England Ropes / West Marine Rigging – Melges 24 Worlds 2014 3rd Place
Team Helly Hansen – J/70 Midwinters Champions and Key West Race Week Boat of the Week, J/24 Midwinters Champions 2014, J/24 World and North American Champions 2013

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Before it was released to the public, the Velocitek Shift was helping some of the world’s best teams win big events.  Shift prototype-equipped boats won the J/24 Worlds, J/24 North Americans, and came in second at Melges 24 Worlds.

BMW J24 World Championships 2013

Newly crowned J/24 World Champions, Team Helly Hansen (Tim Healy, John Mollicone, Geoff Becker, Dan Rabin, and Gordon Borges), celebrate their victory.

Helly Hansen on the water

On their way to becoming J/24 North American Champions, Team Helly Hansen (John Mollicone, Tim Healy, Collin Leon, Geoff Becker, and Gordon Borges), leads the fleet downwind by a large margin.


Runners up at Melges 24 World Championships, Blu Moon (Flavio Favini, Gabriele Benussi, Stefano Rizzi, Giovanni Ferrari, and Nicholas Dal Ferro), sending it downwind in the Berkeley Circle.


At J/70 North Americans, Team Helly Hansen (Tim Healy, Paul Abdullah, Geoff Becker, and Gordon Borges), used the Shift and ProStart to finish third in a light and tricky event in Annapolis.

It would be ridiculous to credit an instrument for the accomplishments of extremely talented sailors but it is still a huge vote of confidence for teams of this caliber to be using the Shift in competition.

We would like to extend a big “Congratulations!” and “Thank you!” to the Helly Hansen and Blu Moon teams!

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Burling wins Dash for Cash

Barefoot Kiwi phenom, Peter Burling wins the Velocitek Dash for Cash at 2013 Moth Worlds in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Peter won the $1,000 purse with a 25.0 knot 10 second average speed.


Red Bull Youth AC winner and 49er World Champion, Peter Burling had more than enough speed to win the Velocitek Dash For Cash !

A 10 second average of 25.0 knots of boatspeed in 11 knots of breeze on an 11-foot long Moth? That’s fast. What’s more impressive? Peter was over three-quarters of a knot faster than his closest competition. And he set this speed on his way back out to the race course after breaking his rudder.

Here’s an interview with Peter and Sailing Anarchy’s Mr. Clean:

YouTube Preview Image

Congrats Pete!

Photo by Gretta Kruesi.

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J/70 North Americans – Velocitek Workshop Recap


In case you missed it, here’s how to set your Velocitek ProStart to the local magnetic declination in Annapolis, MD:

  • Turn on ProStart
  • Press and hold RESET button for 5 seconds
  • Press PIN button (triangle icon) until declination is set to -11 degrees
  • Press the GUN button twice to return to Start or Race mode

Here are a couple helpful resources for setting magnetic declination in your ProStart for any regatta venue:

What is my local magnetic declination?

Is my local magnetic declination positive or negative?

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J/22 Class Legal? The SpeedPuck is…


News from the J/22 International Technical Committee 2013 Rulings: the Velocitek SpeedPuck is now J/22 class legal! Here’s the excerpt from the 2013 ITC rulings:

J22 Technical Rules highlight

For more news from the J/22 International Technical Committee 2013 rulings here is the full text:

To help celebrate this news, Velocitek is a proud sponsor of the 2013 J/22 World Championship in Newport, RI hosted by Sail Newport. 2013 is the 30th Anniversary of the J/22 Class and we’re excited to be a part of the big event.

Registration for Worlds is an impressive 74 boats. Don’t get left behind in the big fleet uncertain of your boatspeed. There’s still time to get a Puck. Order your SpeedPuck and Mast Bracket today!

See you in Newport.

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