2012 Sailing World Boat of the Year – the VX One

After putting 13 boats through their paces, Sailing World magazine has selected the VX One as their 2012 Boat of the Year.  As seen above, the judging committee used a ProStart to test how the boat performed in varying wind conditions, on different reaches, and with additional weight.

Some quotes from the article:

“Reaching, with only two of us in the boat, we easily hit speeds in the midteens.  Upwind with two people, the boat had a nice groove.”

“Setting up for a broad downwind angle, they hoisted the kite, and when it snapped full the boat set off… hitting low 20s with excellent balance and control.”

The ProStart also allowed the committee to measure how well the boat accelerated coming out of tacks and jibes.

“The rate of acceleration out of tacks and jibes is exhilarating with this boat.  And at high speed the boat flies like no other monohull I’ve sailed.”

Check out the video in the link below to see the boat really zoom:


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