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The Velocikat

A month ago this hungry tabby walked through the Velocitek door, meowing up a storm. Although quite cute and surprisingly cuddly, we decided not to feed her in hopes that she’d leave us alone and be on her way.  This … Continue reading

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ProStart Lanyards

One of the most common requests we  receive from ProStart users is:  ”We want a lanyard!” Apparently, customers have been doing a bit too much of this: And losing products into the drink. We actually addressed this problem last November … Continue reading

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Survey Results

Over the past three weeks we conducted a product evaluation survey.  We’d like to give a big thanks to the 680 people who completed the survey.  The honest feedback that we received will be invaluable for future product development. Congrats … Continue reading

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SpeedPuck news and the Crash of the Month

SpeedPuck News Now, when you purchase a SpeedPuck a free mounting cradle is included in the box. These cradles, seen above, are compatible with all SpeedPucks, both new and old, provide a secure way to fix your device to your boat’s … Continue reading

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Video of the Week: Top Gun, Jet Fighter Stuff

Team Nokia puts on an incredible display of boat-handling in winning an 18 ft skiff race in a heavy blow.  You also can’t beat the hilarious Aussie commentary.

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The Speed Read Challenge – Feb 2012 – Iceboats

It’s February.  For most of us, the sailing season ended around four months ago. For ice-boaters, the season has just begun to hit its stride. When the breeze fills in and the black ice forms, ice-boaters travel from across the country to the … Continue reading

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Land sailing competition has grown significantly in the past decade, explained mostly by the invention and worldwide spread of BloKarts. Compact,  simple to learn, super fast (up to 70 kph!), and most of all, fun, the OD BloKart has been embraced … Continue reading

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Sailing Video of the Week: Tri-Foil

Multihulls are built on the principle: less surface area, more speed!  This trimaran kicks it up a notch by really reducing surface area with hydrofoils.  As shown by the on-board SpeedPuck, the boat smoothly glides along at 14 knots in only 8 knots … Continue reading

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