The Velocikat

A month ago this hungry tabby walked through the Velocitek door, meowing up a storm.

Although quite cute and surprisingly cuddly, we decided not to feed her in hopes that she’d leave us alone and be on her way.  This plan worked for about three days but the cat eventually won a war of attrition, wearing down our defenses with her big eyes, leg rubs and that incessant meow.  The battle was lost when Alec got her a 1/4 lb of ahi fish which she immediately scarfed down.

She’s been here ever since.  We decided to name her Boots, on account of her white paws.  Boots lives an enviable life.  She spends the day either

1) Napping on the couch

2) Trying to nap on my keyboard

3)  Napping in the Cat cubby (formerly USB cubby.)

At the end of the day, we put her outside the door and she strolls off into Paia for a nightly prowl.  But come morning, she’ll be back at the window, meowing her head off. 

A week ago we learned that Boots’ former owner, a surfer, lived just a block away.  On account of my allergies, Alec walked up to the house, told him of the situation and asked if he would take Chairman Meow back.  ”No can do bro.  Cats choose their owners,”  he replied.

Well we can’t argue with that logic.  The cat’s here to stay.

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One comment on “The Velocikat

  1. You should make a SpeedPuck backpack for her and figure out where she goes on her nightly prowls! And at what speed/heading, naturally.

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