The Highlander – There can be only one…

National Champion.

2013 Highlander Nationals

The Velocitek SpeedPuck accelerated Lee Sackett, Todd Sackett, and Dave Kerr to victory in the 2013 Highlander Nationals. In a light air racing series held at North Cape Yacht Club in Monroe Michigan this July they finished the 6 race series with 12 points, just 2 points ahead of Greg Griffin of Pensacola, FL sailing with Jeff Eiber and Sarah Paisley. The third place winner was Rob Spring of Canton, OH.

2013 Highlander National Champion crew, Dave Kerr, took a moment to check in with Velocitek after their big win:

“We won the Highlander Nationals using the SpeedPuck. It helped greatly to get us up the learning curve in the Highlander.

The SpeedPuck helped us dial in our boat speed by practicing with it before and after races. People told us we trimmed the jib too hard but the sails didn’t stall, the boat speed stayed up, and we pointed very high. We pulled the centerboard all the way back upwind and the boat felt better and again the speed held. By using the SpeedPuck to match our top speeds with specific settings which were then replicated in the races; we achieved good results. It proved a valuable device to have even though we could not use it during racing. I would recommend this device to anyone that is starting to learn a new boat!

Last year (2012), we trained using the the SpeedPuck in the Highlander Class. We just jumped into the Class, got up to speed quickly, and finished second overall (by 1 point) to Skip Dieball at Highlander Nationals.”


Congratulations to skipper and crew!

Results are here:

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Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge at Cowes Week

YouTube Preview Image

The Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge featuring ‘fantastic four’ challengers; 2008 Olympic Laser gold medalist, Paul Goodison – testing his speed onboard his, Velocitek ProStart equipped foiling Moth, double Olympic windsurfing medalist, Nick Dempsey, Alex Thomson, who in January became only the third Briton to achieve a podium finish at round-the-world yacht race, the ‘Vendee Globe’and extreme kitesurfer, Sam Lutman-Pauc, who broke the world record kitesurfing across the English Channel last October, will each be vying to cross the Royal Yacht Squadron finish line first, to claim £1,000 in prize money for a charity of their choice.

Highlights from the Volvo Sailing Speed Challenge:

YouTube Preview Image

Paul: “So where did he come from?”
Nick: “I used to think all of these yachties were nerds.”
Paul: “Not all of them…”

Here’s the final write up from Volvo Cars Sailing:

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SpeedPuck on Board!

From the venerable Ensigns to foiling Moths to foiling kiteboards, Velocitek SpeedPucks turn up some very cool places!

Here’s a video of the new Zeeko Makaira Race Foilboard rippin’ along in Dubai with a SpeedPuck mounted on the nose:

Top speed for the session was 58.5 km/h (31.6 knots, 36.4 mph) in only 12-15 knots of breeze!

Meanwhile in Europe, Alpinefoil, makers of the Alpineboard 5.0 foiling kiteboards build their boards with a custom recess and threaded inserts for mounting the SpeedPuck! Damien Chaboud of Alpinefoil sent us these shots from a test session on Lac de Monteynard-Avignonet. Merci, Damien!


29.7 knots is not a bad top speed given the width of the lake, and max speed on the day was 31.35 knots testing a new race wing.


How fast are you going? The SpeedPuck knows!

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Oreo wins 2013 Santana 22 Nationals


Richmond Yacht Club hosted 2013 Santana 22 Nationals. The event pitted 40+ year old, 22’ fiberglass, 4 knot… boats… against the San Francisco Bay in 25+ knots and 3-4 foot square ground swell. Five races were held over two days for the 20 competitors.

The score?

The Bay: 3 MOB’s (all recovered), 1 broken rudder, and 1 broken boom.

Tuna 22 Fleet: more smiles and giggles than you can count!

In the end Garth Copenhaver and crew, Al Sargent and Jon Eberly, on Oreo were victorious. Oreo middle crew Al Sargent took a moment to check in with us after the weekend:

“We took our Velocitek ProStart out for the first time this weekend, and used it to help us win the Santana 22 Nationals. Simple device that allowed us to accurately determine line distance in wild 30 knot conditions.

During our final run at the line, Jon would call out the time, and I would call out distance to the line using the ProStart. By reading these numbers out, Garth was able to look around at other boats and not worry about reading the display.

Upwind we weren’t any faster than any of the top five boats and were actually a bit slower than our main rival, Bonito, who had won the National six times previously. The one advantage we had on them was the ProStart and the ability to consistently get off the line well. This capability proved valuable in the last race, when Bonito was over early and finished seventh. We got off clean and won the race and the regatta.”

Congratulations to Oreo skipper and crew!


Results are here:

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Velocitek ProStart featured on Top Gear!

Captain Slow

The Velocitek ProStart is featured on BBC’s Top Gear, the world’s most-watched factual TV show!*

Top Gear’s 20th Season Premiere features a race between an AC45 catamaran and a car. The Cat vs. Car Episode aired Sunday June 30th in the UK and will air Monday July 8th in the US, followed by the other 212 countries around the world where broadcast BBC Top Gear is broadcast.

Top Gear, known for racing cars against other vehicles, pitted show host Jeremy Clarkson against the world’s most successful Olympic sailor, Ben Ainslie. Show co-host James May accompanied Ainslie and crew aboard the AC45.

YouTube Preview Image

Broadcast details:
UK – Sunday June 30 at 8:00pm on BBC2
USA – Monday July 8th at 7:30pm on BBC America (check local listings)

*The 2013 Guinness World Record Book crowned BBC Top Gear as the world’s most widely watched factual TV program.

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GC32 Austria Cup

Great footage from last month’s Great Cup 32 Catamaran racing on Lake Traunsee, Austria. We’re delighted to see that they’re loaded with Velocitek ProStarts! Team Minoprio, fully ProStart equipped, would go on to win.

Take a look:

YouTube Preview Image
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J.P. Morgan BAR break the Round the Island Race Record

YouTube Preview Image

Sir Ben Ainslie and his ProStart-equipped crew onboard J.P.Morgan BAR AC45 smashed the Round the Island Race multihull record off the Isle of Wight. J.P. Morgan BAR shaved 16 minutes and 8 seconds off the previous record, which stood for 12 years. The team set a new course record with a time of 2 hours 52 minutes 15 seconds.

Congratulations to Team J.P. Morgan BAR: Ben Ainslie, Matt Cornwell, Andrew Mills, Mark Andrews, and Andrew McLean.

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Dude, Where’s My ProStart?

Anthony Kotoun, the 2013 Moth North American Champion, took a moment to check in with us from Newport, RI. Here’s a photo and a ProStart story from Anthony:

texts cropped

The day before Charleston Moth North Americans, Anthony and other Moth sailors were out for a tuning session. There was a cruise ship in town scheduled to depart that day. Like insects to a light, the Moth sailors were drawn to the crowds of cruise ship passengers returning to their boat. As the Moth fleet was buzzing around the Charleston waterfront, the cruise ship sounded its horns signaling its departure.

The sailors heard the horns but never saw the dock lines go slack as they went in for one final flyby. On his last pass, Anthony wiped out at speed. The crash was directly astern of the ship. There was a cruise ship worker on the back deck blowing a whistle and pointing at him and the harbormaster was called. In Anthony’s own words, “It was almost a situation, but it wasn’t.” He was able to right himself and sail away before anything more came of the capsize.

In the high-speed wipeout Anthony’s ProStart was ejected from its cradle and unfortunately was not secured with a lanyard. While Anthony didn’t use a lanyard, he did write his name and phone number on his ProStart.

Thankfully, Anthony had an additional ProStart with his spare Moth parts. With his backup ProStart, Anthony went on to win the final event of the Charleston Moth Winter Series and was crowned the 2013 North American Champion.

Weeks later, while sailing Melges 20’s in Porto Ercole, Italy (here too, Anthony and the Cinghiale team used a ProStart to sail their way onto the podium), Anthony got a text message from a friend, “Dude, did you lose a Velocitek in Charleston harbor at some point?” Anthony’s Velocitek ProStart was recovered five miles upstream in a sandbar. The ProStart had the new battery gasket and the only damage from the capsize and a five mile trip upstream were three dead AA batteries!

The morals of this story are: use a lanyard, write your name and phone number on your Velocitek, and by all means get the new ProStart Battery Compartment Gasket!

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24.1 Knots in a VX-One

Here’s a video from the Bennett Yachting Technologies team, builders of the VX-One:

YouTube Preview Image

The footage is from the 2013 McIntosh Cup Regatta in Savannah, GA.

SPOILER ALERT: Speed recorded by Velocitek ProStart. 24.1 Knots Max Speed and 22.7 Knots Best 10 Second Average!

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ProStart equipped Oracle Team USA – Spithill/Slingsby wins ACWS Season!

big ac cover photo

With a second place finish at the final event of the 2012 – 2013 America’s Cup World Series, in Naples, Italy, Oracle Team USA – Spithill/Slingsby became the 2012-2013 America’s Cup World Series Overall Season Champions. Congratulations to skippers and crew!

Oracle Team USA – Spithill/Slingsby was not the only team to use the Velocitek ProStart. In fact, 7 of 11 America’s Cup World Series Teams were Velocitek ProStart equipped. ProStarts were used by Oracle Team USA – Spithill/Slingsby, Oracle Team USA – Coutts, Emirates Team New Zealand, Team Energy, Artemis, Team Korea, and J.P. Morgan BAR.

Unlike other instruments, which are heavily customized for use in the America’s Cup, the Velocitek ProStart used by Ainslie, Barker, Coutts, Outteridge, Peyron, Slingsby, and Spithill is the same device sold to the consumer.

Used by the best. Trusted by the best. Available to the masses. The Velocitek ProStart.

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